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How to Play Madden

The lat­est and great­est in the line of Mad­den NFL games, Mad­den 13 brings tons of new fea­tures, plays and other nuggets to the game, all in HD. Are you ready to learn how to play mad­den and get your game on? Pick your team and let’s play some foot­ball. Mad­den has changed the way that peo­ple view foot­ball games.

how to play madden How to Play Madden

How to play Mad­den 13 — A few steps

Step 1 — Choose a team that suits you. Your favorite team might not be the best team to fit your spe­cific style. If throw­ing errant passes dri­ves you nuts, pick a team with a top 3 quar­ter­back. If you love to run first, pick a team with run­ning back with great truck­ing and tackle break­ing sklls.

Step 2 — Pick your play­book. This might even be the first thing you do, which is what I do. The first thing I do is go through every sin­gle play­book in the game and look at all the best for­ma­tions (mainly the tight or bal­anced for­ma­tions for pass­ing, and big run­ning for­ma­tions for running).

Step 3 — Ask mad­den if you’re unsure about what plays to be call­ing. This is espe­cialy impor­tant for the first-time Mad­den player. If you’re hazy on what plays are best for a given sit­u­a­tion, ask Madden.

Step 4 — Keep an eye on what your oppo­nent is doing. Most play­ers run the same play over and over again until it stops work­ing. Some­times, shut­ting some­ones whole game down is as easy as pick­ing a cover 2 defense and shut­ting down their passes to the flats.

Step 5 — Play to the strengths and weak­nesses of your team. Don’t run the ball like crazy if your run­ning back has a bad ball-carrying rat­ing. Chances are you will fum­ble a lot. And don’t focus on just a few play­ers. If one of your star lineup gets injured, your team will sufer a crip­ping blow unless you’ve trained with other team mem­bers. Rememer, every­one car­ries the team, not just a few stel­lar players.

Step 6 — Con­trol the clock. If you’re fac­ing an oppo­nent who is mop­ping the floor with you, try turn­ing down the game temp. This can drive oppo­nents nuts and get them out of their game. This can also greatly increase the impact of any fum­bles or inter­cep­tions and could swing the game in your favor.

And just always remem­ber to have fun!

madden tips How to Play Madden