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Default How to stop no huddle Frank Gore Scrub BS

I've noticed that current scrub strategy is to pick a team like the Texans or 49ers and just run no huddle run plays all game in hopes that the game will cheese and spot them a big BS play or TD.

The fact that this somehow works doesn't make any sense at all and is never done the NFL. There needs to be a patch to fix that and increase false starts when it is attempted.

Until that time how do you guys usually stop this? I've tried some zones D and all that really does is contain. I also switch my best DE to the side they are running that usually helps, but what is the best way to combat this?
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Default Re: How to stop no huddle Frank Gore Scrub BS

It seems that's all im facing online these days, too me the key is having effective audibles set up I usually like to have a good man blitz, good zone blitz, a money run play stopper up my sleeve so that I have something for whatever my opponenet likes to do...the key to me is either stuffing the run on 1st maybe second down in the backfield if possible to take them out of run mode and force them to pass, unless is truly dedicated to the run which most people arent they will get out of that hurry up run mode and thats when I put the pressure on...keep ur opponent in long situations and that leads to sacks and picks, if I dont have my audibles set up right, I know it cheesy but I'll send a defender over the line of scrimmage and eat the offsides 5 yard penalty just to give me a chance to set up the right d. Obviously you dont want to make a habit of it, but I'd rather give up 5 yards than 50..also keep in mind with your audibles that if ur opponent is no huddling correctly your not gonna have a lot of time for pre snap adjustments on your end so make sure your audibles are quick and easy to set up or your going to be off balance most of the game.
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Default Re: How to stop no huddle Frank Gore Scrub BS

^ great advice. I would also recommend going for the strip more. Chances for a fumble of injury increase when no huddling. To be completely honest if you guys plan on playing competitively and play the game to win I highly recommend running an no huddle offense. This year the offense sets quicker then the defense because the mechanics are flawed so you can often get your off balance and run your play before he can setup properly and it really adds a huge advantage if you come out in a 4 WR play, pass, pass, and then audible down to a run play out of strong close or I tight or whatever is your favorite running formation this year. Chances are your opponent is in a pass defense like quarters to defend the pass and will get gashed by the run. Even of he audibles down to a run D like I said the mechanics are flawed and you will snap the ball before his players are set giving you an easy gain.
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