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Default Reading Defenses

Does anyone know how to read defenses out there and do people really know what defenses mean like cover 2 and cover 3. All my friends I play they just pick a defense and if it work for them they keep picking till it doesnt work anymore. Me personally I know what they mean and I read defenses so I know the exact route I need to do to beat it. Im just curious guys thats all
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Default Re: Reading Defenses

cover 2 is 2 deep coverages...cover 3 is 3...get ya a football for dummies book or somethin i dunno lol....and there is also cover 4....curls and slants all day buddy...
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Default Re: Reading Defenses

uhh yeah, most top players no what each defense is, how to beat it, and all of that.
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Default Re: Reading Defenses

the coverage deals with how many deep zones there will be on the play... cover 0 is man coverage, cover 1 is one safety dropping back to patrol deep middle while others are in man coverage...cover 2 means that your two safeties will cover half of the field each in deep zones... the middle of the field will be pretty open though. Cover 3 means that your two corners will drop straight back and a safety will drop into the deep middle, while the other stays in a shorter zone. Cover 4 means that 2 safeties and 2 corners drop straight back into four smaller zones. Obviously the more deep zones, the better the coverage is vs the deep p***... but vulnerable to the short p*** and run.

when reading a D read your LBs first, if they're blitzing get that ball out of there quick... next read the safeties, see what zones they're in and pick em apart if you have time. take what the D gives you, don't force it.. that's basics of football
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Default Re: Reading Defenses

I read the safeties before I read the linebackers.

It maybe true that the LB's blitzing means you should p*** quicker, but I find that if you understand the types of defenses out there, you can know enough about a play just by seeing where the safeties are going.

In a cover 2, the safeties will both move away from the center of the field, meaning that theres s going to be atleast 1 LB covering the short center.
The easiest way to remember where coverage is in zone is Cover 3 versus cover 2.

In cover 2, the safeties split, and the deep middle is open. In cover 3, the safeties rotate, so one goes to the middle, either right or left, and one covers the right or left.

So if you have you have a safety moving from left to middle, the other safety is moving to deep right, which means you'll have deep zone on the corner to the left, and if you're streaking that guy, it's as good as man coverage so a fast receiver can beat it.

It also means that any pattern running underneath on the left side should be open as far as there isn't a purple zone moving to the left also.

The quarter defense people rarely play, because most of the time it leaves too much underneath space, especially out routes if it's the cover 4 with all zones.

The quarter defense is good to put two men on almost every deep route and force p***es underneath.

Over all, you have to understand the play you've chosen, and make your defensive read based on your number 1 route.

So when I want to run a 15 yard corner route, I first watch to see if the safety is covering deep left. If he is, then I can lead my receiver underneath him for a quick 15-25 yards.

But if one of the LB's is moving towards the sidelines also, the corner route is bust, because now he has a guy underneath also, and theres no window to squeeze the play in.

Reading all that, then I know that the short left is now open so any crossing route moving into the LB's vacated place should be good for 5-10 yards.

The key to reading routes is that routes like the purple zones are moving zones, and they're designed to cover a progression. Given enough time, they tend to be useless, as they cover a small area on the sidelines, giving up alot of ground in the zone around the TE and the tackles.

Thats why you see people praising the crossing drag routes, because they run underneath all the zones and take long enough that most zones are too deep to cover them consistently.

To cover them you have to actually use the flat zones.

I find people don't do much flat throwing in this madden as compared to previous years. The flat coverage is good for out routes and these kinds of drag routes.

Some of the best zones I run make the CB's do something other than a deep zone. Sometimes they are put in yellow zones to immediately cover the hook and sidelines at the snap. Or a hook zone, so that they're already free to roam the sidelines looking for quick p***es.

However, my favorite defense to run is the 3 DEEP COVER contain, and bring the middle safety up for run support. It puts man coverage on everyone and if I choose I can cover the middle field zone or try to flush the QB into a quick p***. It's surprisingly effective, since the only real opening is the deep center, and if I can force the QB to scramble, I have the DE's in contain. If he tries to run, I either free up the DT by taking the center's block, or knife through the coverage dor a tackle.

So, in other words, reading defenses requires you to actually know the defenses, and once you know all the kinds of defenses, you should be able to find the hole within a few seconds of looking at the safeties and LB's.
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What the problem is
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Default Re: Reading Defenses

Well i will notice as if there is 3 defensive linemen, then he is likely in cover formation. If there are 4 linemen and the linebackers close in, then he is most likely blitzing.
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Default Re: Reading Defenses

first i look at the safeties to try to figure out the coverage
than i look at the linebackers to see if theyre blitzing
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Ps3 Re: Reading Defenses

i easily know when i see a cover 2, when the 2 safeties stay outside the middle, to beat this u can motion a receiver or a TE, so that their route is straight up the middle of the field, pump like ur throwing some where else and they wud be usually wide open downfield..... and i know when its a cover 3 when i see the safety run towards the middle of the field, and i beat that with a deep post to the inside when i motion a receiver outside to see if he is in zone or man...
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